Introducing: GiftPicker by Presently

👋 I’m Dalia, CEO of Presently and co-Creator of GiftPicker: the newest addition to Presently’s gifting ecosystem. Juuust in time for Black Friday & holiday shopping!

GiftPicker was a fun project spearheaded by our interns, taking a Buzzfeed-style approach to finding a great gift with an epic, curated database of gifts.

Why we built this

We’ve all received a bad gift (or ten) in the past, and therefore know how equally amazing and difficult it feels to find a good one 🥴 It takes *hours* to sift through the billion gift guides on the web to find gifts. You’d think someone’s built a good gift suggestor by now, but every database we tried was incredibly tacky… are people still buying monogrammed pens?

And so, GiftPicker was born 🌞

How GiftPicker works

Here are some of our favorite GiftPicker features!

✍️ Take a short quiz about the person you’re buying a gift for

🔮 In seconds, GiftPicker will unlock three gifts tailored to their interests (or more, if you want)

💵 Split the cost of the gift with friends through our integration with Presently, so that $$$ gift can become an epic surprise for your friend, family member, coworker, or mentor/teacher!

💬 Share the gift ideas with friends through easy sharing buttons (coming December 2021!) Whether to give a nudge for your own wishlist or to surprise someone else :)

🎉 And finally, you skip the weeks of frustration leading up to the holidays!

Give it a shot!

Check out GiftPicker and Presently today and happy gifting!

Drop a gift you’ll never forget below — good or bad. Bonus points if you tag who it’s from 😏

Your gifting sidekicks, Dalia & Team

— Full thanks go to the kickass team working on this: Qali Langstaff, Alex Reed, Nicholas Osborne, Daniel Sheyko, Peyton Vannatta, Braden Hunter, Thomas Holt, Neel Sortur, Vrushali Tarte, Priyanka Chowdhury, Jared Rudnicki, Erin Kim, Gaea Leemon, Nikola Dobrev, Marc Bacvanski, Rebecca Swernofsky, Spencer Belsky, Sufi Kaur, Victoria Bowen, Claudia Stedt, Katie Fine, Sabina Sternklar-Davis, and more.



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